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Remembering Larry Briggs

Two weeks ago we received word of long time Northwest Door employee Larry Briggs’ passing after a battle with cancer. Larry has been a delivery driver for Northwest Door for 16 years.

The following was written by Portland Distribution Center Manager РRon Russell.

“Larry worked at NWD Portland for 16 years and drove 1,344,717 miles without a ticket or accident. Over that time, I can only remember him taking off one unscheduled time when he was sick. He drove in conditions that would make most people cry; ice, snow, rain, flooded roads, landslides, and fires. He was the kind of employee that would come in to help at the drop of a hat without any complaints, even when he had it scheduled off.

Our delivery customers, office staff and coworkers loved him and he was as much as a sales person as anyone who has ever worked for Northwest Door.

He will be missed, not for all this, but the fact that he was just a great guy.”