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8 Fun & Inexpensive Ways to Decorate Your Garage Door for Halloween

Halloween is quickly approaching and if you love to decorate for the occasion don’t forget about your garage door! We searched the internet for some fun, creative and inexpensive ways to decorate your garage door this year.

1) Monster Face


Some artistic creativity, cardboard/poster board/plywood, paint, and black cloth or black tarp are all that it took to create this Garage Monster. And the best part is if you attach it properly (making sure that the garage joints are not restricted), the mouth can move up and down!


2) Mausoleum or Wall Crypt


Through our research, we have found that these are usually made with polystyrene foam sheets (from hardware stores) and then hand-painted. Regular spray paint is a no-no as it can melt the foam, but you can use water-based alternatives if you test it on the foam beforehand. Once painted, simply attach them to your garage door with command strips or magnets depending on the door material.


3) Flying Bats


Typically made of foam or cardstock, these bats add a minimalistic Halloween touch to your door. There are plenty of options on Amazon if you would prefer to buy them pre-cut!


4) Spooky Scenery


Turn your door(s) into a spooky scene with these silhouette decorations. The easiest way to achieve this look is by buying stickers from Amazon or a Halloween store, but you can also cut out poster board/cardboard and paint it if you prefer the DIY route.


5) Spider Web


These large webs were made with electrical tape! This works great for lighter colored garages and makes for an easy cleanup.


6) Zombie Hands


For those who have windows in their doors, you can make backlit silhouettes like these zombie hands with black poster board or paper. Simply trace your hands in different positions, cut them out and attach them to your windows on the inside (make sure to use something that will not damage your window). For extra impact, try adding in some eerie colored lighting in your garage or play zombie noises from a speaker!


7) The Mummy


For something less on the creepy side, this mummy door can be made with gauze or toilet paper/streamers (if you live in an area that isn’t rainy). For the eyes, you can make cutouts like the monster garage and paint them however you like.


8) Creepy Backlit Scenery


If you are skilled with woodworking tools, these eerie backlit props are a real show stopper! The cutouts are typically made in sections (if they are larger) by tracing images on plywood and cutting them out. You then paint them black, attach the lights to the backside and find the best way to attach them to your house.


Hopefully these ideas gave you some inspiration for your garage. Have fun, be safe, and have a happy Halloween!