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6 Good Reasons to Replace your Garage Door Opener

Do you have an older garage door opener? Even if your garage door is still working fine you may want to consider upgrading to a newer model because of the better security, convenience, and safety they provide.

1) Security

Older openers use remote controls with one fixed code, which is all a thief would need to gain access to your garage. New garage door openers come with a rolling code that changes the code after every use, thus preventing thieves from duplicating your code.


2) Safety

If your door doesn’t have the auto-reversal feature, it is considered a safety hazard and could potentially harm your children and pets. This feature uses light sensors connected to the opener to detect any interruption in the beam when the door is closing, triggering the door to stop and reverse.


3) Less Noise

Older openers tend to use a chain drive, which can be a great deal louder than the new chain, belt or screw driven models. If you want a garage door opener that is more on the quiet side, we suggest the belt drive. These provide a much quieter, smoother operation than their chain counterparts.


4) Convenience of Smart-Home Technology

Want to be able to operate your garage door from anywhere in the world and get alerts when it opens and closes? The latest generation of garage door openers allow you to do all of these things when you download the LiftMaster MyQ app on your tablet, smartphone or smartwatch.


5) Keyless Entry

These are really nice to have if you don’t have one already, especially if your house is connected to the garage. Older opener models did not offer keypads with the garage, whereas now newer openers typically come standard with these. If your garage opener isn’t compatible with a keypad it might be time to consider an upgrade.


6) Battery Backup 

Having a battery backup to your opener will save you the headache of trying to lift a garage door manually because of a power outage. There are now garage door openers that come with an automatic battery backup system that kicks in when you lose power.


Safety and security are the top reasons why we suggest upgrading your garage door opener. But, with the added conveniences of the keyless entry, smart-home technology, and battery backup, what’s not to love about these new opener models?

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