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Project of the Month Winner – Ed’s Garage Doors

Hailing from Norwalk, Connecticut, Ed’s Garage Doors is one of our top dealers and longtime customers. This marks their second winning Project of the Month entry since the contest began, and this one is for a set of three (10’w x 8’h) custom wood Heritage Classic C-Series doors with Western Red Cedar wood faces, installed on a beautiful modernistic standalone garage in Greenwich, Connecticut. The architects on this project (Pagliaro Bartels Sajda Architects) have a longstanding working relationship with Ed’s and originally planned on using our Modern Classics for this project, which are great for contemporary style structures. Rich Cunningham, owner of Ed’s Garage Doors, was admittedly surprised when told about the plan to switch to wood doors, but when looked at in the context of the entire home, it made much more sense. The doors managed to create a bridge of sorts, taking the historic elements of the home and blending them into something more modern.

As with most amazing projects, there are bound to be some challenges along the way that must be overcome. An interesting challenge for this one arose when it came time to mount the track. “The challenge with this job was that the walls were all glass and we had steel beams above the door making our working space very low and tight.  We mounted the track to steel side posts and welded spring brackets to the overhead beam. We used rear mount torsion springs mounted about halfway back on the beams so it is not completely rear mount,” said Rich in an interview about the project. As you can see from the photos, the installation ended up working out just fine and managed to beautifully secure the owner’s Ferrari FF inside its translucent shelter.

Ed’s Garage Doors is a two-time Project of the Month winner, sponsor of athome Magazine’s A-List Awards, owns the largest garage door showroom in New England, and is continuously involved in a large variety of astonishing award-winning projects. The Home Builders & Remodelers Association of Connecticut hosts an annual awards dinner for over 800 builders and architects called the HOBI Awards, and Ed’s has had their hand in winning projects for the past seven consecutive years, not to mention a solo award for best new product showroom.

When you look at Ed’s as a whole, the company is truly the sum of all its parts. Mr. Cunningham is the President of the New England IDA Affiliate organization, the Professional Door Association of New England. The staff are all IDA certified and incredibly well trained, starting as garage door installers before moving into sales. Their company operates likely a well-oiled machine and comes highly recommended by current and past customers alike.

Learn more about our Heritage Classic C-Series doors here, and visit Ed’s website at to get your dream project started today!