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Project of the Month Winner – Napier Overhead Doors

Kirk Napier, owner of Napier Overhead Doors, cut his teeth in the door business in the early 80s. He was working for the fire department at the time and his friend who was in the door business asked for some help. Kirk worked for free just to help his friend out for a while, but it wasn’t long before he became employed as a “full time garage door guy”. In 1989 Kirk’s friend told him to go get his contractor’s license and go off on his own. “I think he got tired of paying me…he hurt my feelings (laughs) but I went and did it. You learn from your mistakes and lord knows I made some,” Kirk explained during our interview.

It was then that Napier Overhead Doors began, which is now composed of Kirk and two employees. Together they service an approximate 45 mile radius around their home base of Pacific Grove, California. “Part of the deal is I don’t want to travel anywhere. There are plenty of doors to go around so I just figure I’ll stay in my own neighborhood here and wait for the calls to come in,” said Kirk. Napier primarily focuses on residential projects as Kirk has never gotten much satisfaction from commercial projects. “I just felt like I was doing it for a wage. I really just do commercial when I can’t say no.”

Photo Courtesy of Tim Allen Properties

The project that we are sharing today is for a residential installation in Pebble Beach, CA that is far from boring. The home was built by Jolley Builders and Tim Allen Properties of Carmel, CA. Napier installed three Northwest Door Dark Bronze Anodized Modern Classics with Satin Etch glass and LiftMaster Jackshaft Operators. Kirk uses Modern Classics on most of his projects and says he doesn’t really go with much of anything else. He mentioned that he has an appreciation for our larger end stiles and bottom and top rails, the wide range of design customization that we offer, and our flexibility with custom heights. He also has been very pleased with our California Territory Sales Manager. “He’s attentive, he knows his stuff and he’s very helpful. He draws from his experience in the door industry and you’re lucky to have him.”

Kirk’s favorite part of working in the door industry is the pride he feels when a job is finished and everyone is happy with the end results. “There’s a lot of pride that goes into being able to say, ‘Hey look at that, that looks pretty cool. I did that.’ There’s a great sense of reward when you see a well done project and know that you contributed to it.” This project was definitely one of the more gratifying projects, and justifiably so – Lamborghini ended up filming a commercial on the property in which the garage doors were raised to reveal one of their newest models.

Mr. Napier has done plenty of other interesting projects in California, and he vividly recounted one garage with a car lift that brings the car down into a full basement underneath the footprint of the house. There were a lot of modifications that took place and it ended up being much more drawn out than he had expected. “You know there are some jobs that seem like they’re never going to end but you have to just hang in there until they come to closure,” Kirk explained.

Napier Overhead Doors prides themselves on their attention to detail and doing the best job that they can, knowing that you would have to go “far and wide to find someone who will do a better job. There are a lot of guys out there that are just working for a paycheck.”

If you need a dedicated, attentive and hard-working garage door dealer, look no further than Kirk Napier and his team. To learn more about our Modern Classic doors, check out our website today!

To learn more about this property, which is available for rent and purchase, take a look at the video below and contact Tim Allen Properties.