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Project of the Month Winner – Pacific Overhead Door

Now that’s a big door!

It’s not every day you see a boat house that is big enough to comfortably home an entire family, but our Project of the Month winner for December features exactly that! The building is over 50 feet long to accommodate the owner’s yacht, and it is safely secured by a 16’ wide by 19’ high Northwest Door clear anodized 800 Series full-view aluminum garage door with 1/8 inch clear tempered glass and a LiftMaster Jackshaft Operator.

The installing dealer, Pacific Overhead Door of Portland, Oregon, made their way up to Longview, Washington to install this door on the Columbia River. Although the project was just around an hour outside of their usual service area of the Portland Metropolitan area, they were happy to help this customer with whom they have had a longstanding word of mouth relationship.

Pacific Overhead Door Owner, Steve Harris, was a bit shocked when he found out the dimensions for the proposed door. “The first question I asked was, ‘Why do you need such a large boat house door?’ And the answer was that he had a boat that was actually that large. He couldn’t build it any larger than that because of some kind of planning restriction, so at the end of the day he only had about a 6 inch difference between the width of the boat and the width of the opening. So he has to be very careful with his boat when he is taking it in and out of that very large opening.”

Although Pacific tends to sell and install about 90% residential products with our Therma Tech steel sandwich construction door leading the charge, they still wind up with some pretty interesting commercial projects like this one. They also see a “fair amount of tenant improvement projects that ask for multiple full-view aluminum doors, and they’re usually installed on the interior walls of warehouses where they’re breaking up large warehouses into multiple units where the doors are similar to storefront entries for the units,” said Steve.

Along with full view aluminum doors, Steve mentioned that Pacific takes pride in their ability to deliver special requests and custom tailored doors to meet the individual customers’ needs. When asked what he thinks is the best part about working in the door industry, Steve chuckled a bit and said, “As far as construction goes, it’s nice to have a cover over your head so you don’t get rained on! I also like the fact that you get involved in architectural considerations now and then that make it interesting. And it’s always fun to apply special engineering applications as well.”

“5th generation of door men ready to take over!” -Steve Harris

Pacific Overhead Door has been in business since 1993, and Steve is pleased to involve his son Alex in the continuation of the business. Steve also noted that their business in Portland took off during the period of time when Steve DeWitt was owner of Northwest Door. “We’re almost like regional cousins,” he proclaimed, “Steve and Steve!”

Alex Harris, Steve Harris, and Greg Anderson (Territory Sales Manager)

If you would like to see more unique applications of our 800 Series/Modern Classic, visit our website and NWD Gallery. To learn more about Pacific Overhead Door and get started on your next project, head over to their website today!