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New Garage Doors Introduced at the International Door Association Expo

Every year the International Door Association hosts an exposition somewhere in the United States. This private event brings together garage door manufacturers, installing dealers, and other industry professionals from all around the world to showcase new products, create networking opportunities and share information and insights. “The IDAExpo is the ONLY place these business-building opportunities come along in one place, at the same time” ( This year, the expo was held in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 25-28 and welcomed more than 120 exhibits and over 3,500 attendees. Northwest Door was included in that attendance with six garage doors and an excellent staff of trained sales professionals.

We always try to pack as much value and variety as we can into our display area, and our exhibit this year was exceptional. We had steel, aluminum and wood doors on display, and they were all contemporary designs. Northwest Door and other manufacturers have realized that contemporary designs are the now, and we wanted to highlight our contemporary offerings, the largest selection in the industry. Our booth caught a lot of attention and generated some great foot traffic and conversations. Here’s a quick recap of the beautiful garage doors we showcased:

To learn more about the doors pictured above, follow the links below corresponding to each product page: