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Born to Be Wild Beautiful


Get your motor runnin’ and head out on the highway to Eastside Harley-Davidson in Bellevue, Washington. Eastside is one of seven Harley dealers in Washington State and as of June 2016, they are located in a new building not too far from the original storefront. By the end of August, they had already hosted 15 events at their new dealership including riding classes, HOG chapter meetings and even event parties.


It’s quite apparent that Eastside Harley-Davidson has an immaculate sense of style. As you approach the main entrance of their dealership you may notice four Northwest Door full-vision clear anodized commercial aluminum doors working wonderfully as a way to merge the indoor and outdoor display areas. On sunny days the doors can be left open to allow a nice breeze to roll through the shop while the clear glass windows provide the ability to close them on cold days without sacrificing visibility.


These doors feature a manual chain hoist operation on our standard galvanized steel vertical lift track. For a Harley dealer, this can add a nice rugged feel to the door operation. However, if you plan on having an 800 series installed somewhere like an office space that would benefit from a more quiet operation, we recommend opting in for powder coated hardware (see residential application below) and a LiftMaster chain hoist operator!



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