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Rusty George Modern Classic

Rusty George Creative is a long-standing branding and advertising firm located in Downtown Tacoma. Although the majority of their work is for commercial projects, they have also gained some publicity for more artsy affairs. Rusty George is Owner and Creative Principal of RGC, and in 2006 he utilized three of our Modern Classic garage doors as interior office space dividers. Here’s what he had to say about our doors:

As an owner of a creative agency, my first priority is to build an environment of inspiration and charm. This helps the team’s imagination to flow and sets the tone for our clients to expect the unexpected.

When we moved into our studio at 732 Broadway in Downtown Tacoma, I wanted to capture the building’s history (it was once an auto dealership), as well as make the long, skinny space look as open and airy as possible. When you first walk into the space, you are immediately greeted by a 10 foot high aluminum garage door opening up to our main conference room. Clients know that they are about to experience something different when the big door closes down to signal the beginning of the meeting. The framed glass allows in light but also provides just enough sound proofing for intense hash-out sessions.


We also installed similar style doors on our offices as well to carry the theme throughout the studio. We can have them open to communicate freely with the rest of the team, or close them if we have to meet in private. The doors are always complimented upon and I’m proud that I made the decision to install them over a set of french doors or something more expected.

Ten years later and they still look great! You can find more information about our Modern Classic doors here.