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Hörmann SilentDrive 5500 Series

Hörmann SilentDrive 5500 Series

• Ultra quiet operation
• Long-lasting
• Maximum convenience
• Unique safety features
• For doors up to 10′ high




Beltension Guard™

All Hörmann SilentDrive® garage door openers come with the unique Beltension Guard™ built into the opener rail, to maintain proper belt tension for the life of the opener. This ensures quiet, troublefree operation, and eliminates costly and inconvenient service calls.

Aramid Fiber Reinforced Belt

Hormann’s unique aramid fiber reinforced belt will not rust, limits wear & tear, resists moisture and never needs lubrication. This special belt system provides a quiet ride and many years of worry free operation.

Safety and Security


All Hörmann SilentDrive® garage door openers come with the unique EngageLock™ built into the opener rail. It eliminates door back drive action in the event of a power loss, securing your home and property.

Reliable Safeguard

The safety beams safeguard the bottom of the door with sensors which stop and reverse the door if an object breaks the path of the beams, to prevent damages to people and property.

Intelligent Motion Guard

On encountering an obstruction, the opener stops and reverses the door immediately to eliminate possible hazards. The opener is self-testing and also self- adjusting, eliminating the need for maintenance.

Instructional Videos

SilentDrive Overview
Hörmann SilentDrive® Garage Door Opener - Resetting and Retraining
HSM4 Mini-Transmitter Programing
FCT3B Wireless Keypad Programing
FCT3B Wireless Keypad PIN Number Change
FCT3B Wireless Keypad Factory Reset

Included Accessories

Mini 4 Button Transmitter

Optional Accessories

4 Button Transmitter

4 Button Transmitter

Control up to four separate doors.

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Wireless Keypad

Wireless Keypad

Lighted and covered keypad allows for easy remote access to your garage without wiring, with your own programmable personal security code. Stores up to 3 personal codes.

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Single Button Transmitter

Single Button Transmitter

Used as an additional device for operating a single door.

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